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Our popular Dystopian Studios photo workshops return for 2013.

Limited to 5 students each. These hands on instructional workshops always sell out. This is an opportunity to hone and practice your bondage and photography skills with first rate instruction and top fetish models.  Get your pass today.


10 New awesomely apocalyptic photo shoots!




Apocalypse Chic.    

"Just because the world falls apart doesn't mean your sense of style has to."






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Simply thank us.  

In many countries people pay good money for punishment like that.


Providing the Entertainment for the Apocalypse is a lot of hard work.  Stocking ammo and eyeliner, cleaning the fallout shelter, chaining up and torturing the gimps.  We can always use new slaves.  Um, I mean ...servants....er interns.... plebians?  Yes.  Plebians. If you want to join our team, model for us, submit photo/ video/ art/ written work, or just hang out at our bomb shelter watching naked midgets perform our rendition of "MAD MAX (beyond FabulousDome) the MUSICAL", contact us for more information.





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(if you didn't get the hint...image looters will be prosecuted.  Or, if you are ridiculously hot.... the Dystopian Slut Militia will tie you up, staple gun a "looter" sign to you, and shove a tuna can in your mouth.  




2257 statement.  Per our legal counsel, as of right now nothing on this site is applicable to 18 U.S.C. 2257 (a)-(c) and 28 C.F.R. Part 75.  But being experts on autocracy, dystopian regimes, mind numbing bureacracy, apocalyptic theocracies, and the oppression of monolithic police states in the pre- and post-apocalypse, we will surely comply if the time ever comes.  But we are slightly prudish about sexual activity, so don't hold your breath.  (to tell you the truth, we are complying now, even though we don't need to...you never know when the puritans will be back in power.)  However, If you are an Orwellian government cog who is browsing the interweb tubes for violators, are dissapointed you didn't catch us, and want a few minutes of entertainment and release from the terrors of Big Brother, you can click on this link and play some pac-man.  Remember, hit Alt-Tab if your draconian beauracrat boss starts heading towards your undersized desk.


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